OSINT Tools for security auditing

José Manuel Ortega

  • 9 de Octubre de 2016, 10:00 - 10:40
  • Sala UAL
  • Idioma: en

The talking points could be:

-Introduction searching information from multiples sources with OSINT tools. -OSINT tools developed with python for extracting public information from servers and domains. -Advantages and limitations these tools from the user point of view. -Comment how these tools are developed and the main modules used in their development.

Some of the tools to comment are:

Shodan Python API as search engine server information. Tinfoleak and Tweepy as Python scripts for data extraction on twitter. SpiderFoot as a tool for extract information from multiple sources. the Harvester as Python script for extracting emails and hostnames in a particular domain.

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My career has been focused from the beginning to specialize in application security. I’m a Software Engineer really focused on new technologies, open source, security and testing. In recent years I'm interesting in security development, especially on mobile applications.At this moment I am working as business logic developer and my functions in the project are analysis, coding and testing the security of applications.